We offer a wide range of project management, consulting and software development services via our Consulting Group. Our managers and engineers have extensive experience in the lottery and pari-mutuel industry, having done work for some of the worlds most prestigious gaming organizations and operators.
Our Services

System Implementation and Project Management
Game-Tec Labs and its management has extensive experience in lottery system implementations, both conversion/upgrade of one system to another as well as new lottery start-ups. As such, we are able to offer end-to-end project management services for new or established gaming operators wishing to implement any major gaming system installation or upgrade.

Internal Control Systems for auditing of transactions from other suppliers gaming systems
By processing the transaction file either offline in batch or in near-real time, our ICS system is able to accurately and quickly verify and confirm the sales totals and liabilities of a gaming system.

Web and SMS Betting Platform
Game-Tec Labs provides integrated Web and SMS betting platforms. Our system Support player virtual accounts with multiple funding sources such as EFT from bank, Credit card, Prepaid cards, Other eCash solutions.

Our betting solution allows web and sms players to redeem winnings at any retailer terminal with SMS and/or email notification of winnings. Players can view transaction details and account in real-time via web.

Prepaid Card / Top Ups Management System
Game-Tec Labs has integrated Prepaid Card used for Account Betting. These accounts can be toped-up via SMS or Web. The Prepaid cards are sold via retailers and activated at retailer terminal. The cards could be preprinted or printed by the terminal. The central system tracks distribution, activation, and sales.

Our Advance Gaming Platform allows the retail Terminal to prints vouchers in real-time for prepaid mobile top-up. The system support multiple vendor (mobile provider) and multi-denomination support. New providers and denomination can be added with no software changes. The system eliminates production, distribution, and security issues associated with pre-produced cards. And allows gaming operator to leverage network for non-gaming uses

Handheld Betting Terminals
We programmed four different wireless, handheld terminals
Lipman Nurit (Israel)
Linkwell VisionTek (India)
Mobitron MDT-9000 (Korea)
Exadigm MobileMate (USA)

All were either on GPRS or CDMA communication protocol s. These handhelds were Full function lottery application and Ran on live, production system
We have programmed several different models using different operating systems and development platforms. Below is sample of devices and platforms for which we have direct development experience.
 Java graphical-user-interfaces.
 .NET/C# graphical-user-interfaces.
 C/C++ character and graphical interfaces.
 Star Micronics thermal printers (and others).
 Windows and Embedded Windows operating systems.
 Linux operating systems (Novell Suse and Red Hat).
 Real-time operating systems such as usx, smx, QNX, Windows CE, VxWorks.
 Chatsworth optical mark readers.
 USB and serial barcode scanners.
 PDI CCD scanners.

Development Services

Embedded real-time (POS) application development
Languages: C, C++, Java
Communications Network Design and Development
Expertise in all common (and uncommon) lottery protocols including X.25/X.28, UDP, TCP, HDLC, and X.42
Secure network designs based on VSAT, GPRS, Wi-MAX, dial-up, CDMA, DSL and more, including VPN based solutions that use the Internet
Full Project Management and Implementation Services

Communications front-ends and protocol converters
We have engineers experienced in the development of specialized communications processing software. In one typical example, we integrated a newer point-of-sale system with an older, legacy central system which required converting the IP based protocol of the newer system into the proprietary polled protocol of the legacy system. We can convert to/from any combination of protocols including X.42, X.25, TCP/IP, UDP/IP as well as more modern interfaces such as those based on web services (XML/SOAP) and messaging platforms (JMS, MQ).

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